Bolin R9-230

  • ▪  1/1.8 inch STARVIS 2 sensor
  • ▪  Pro AV Optimised High Resolution Image Quality
  • ▪  30X 8M High Resolution Optical Zoom Lens
  • ▪  Advanced AF Performance
  • ▪  High Color Performance in Super Low Light Conditions
  • ▪ Super Image Stabilization
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This Sony FHD (1080p60) image block, FCB-9500, is used in SKU: R9-230

FCB-9500, the latest Sony new color camera block that achieves higher visibility by adopting the 8M ultra high resolution lens, 4M image sensor (1 / 1.8 type), and ISP  from Sony. The combination of these three Core technologies provides an overwhelming sense of resolution, and the advanced AF / AE / AWB functions reproduce faithful images even in low-light environments. (Data Quoted From Sony Website )

  • 1/1.8 inch STARVIS II sensor
  • Enhanced High Resolution image quality
  • 30X 8M High Resolution optical zoom lens
  • Advanced AF performance, Spot Focus · Spot AE · Spot AWB
  • Wide Dynamic Range (Wide-D)
  • Visibility Enhancer (VE)
  • Super low light in color performance
  • Super image stabilizer


Available in white as special order.