NETIO PowerCable 2KZ


PowerCable 2KZ

PowerCable 2KZ is flat PDU for remote power metering & power restarting.
Device connectivity is LAN or WiFi. 2 power outputs (110/230V max 16A) can be switched & metered remotely.

NETIO PowerCable 2KZ is flat PDU (can be easily installed behind TV or to
small areas). PDU provides LAN (RJ45 Ethernet) or WiFi connectivity.
Both power outputs measures power consumption (A, kWh, TPF, W, V, Hz)
and switching On/Off both power output individually (ZCS).
Each output can be switched manually over the web, the NETIO Cloud
service, or with a Mobile App (Locally or via NETIO Cloud).
2x DI (Digital Inputs) with 4-byte pulse counters can be used to read relay
output state (dry contact) or S0 pulses from electricity, water or similar
meters. PDU supports local Ping & Power WatchDog and week based
Scheduler functions.
PowerCable 2KZ is delivered without power cables, user have to install
power cables to the terminal block inside black housing with using screw
Open API enables integration into third-party systems using a wide range of
protocols (JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT, Telnet, ..).
With the NETIO Cloud service, the outputs can be controlled from
anywhere. The NETIO Cloud service, provided for a fee, uses SSL/TLS
security and servers in Europe.
AV drivers make it easy to connect NETIO sockets to professional
Audio/Video control systems such as Control4, ELAN, Crestron, RTI etc.

Connectivity: LAN + WiFi
– WEB interface: Yes
– Power control: Outputs 1 & 2 (max 110-230V AC / 16A)
– Power metering: Outputs 1 & 2
– I/O expansion: 2x DI (Digital Input with counter)
– OPEN API: MQTT-flex, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, JSON, XML, SNMP, ..
– Service: NETIO Cloud (with TLS security)
– Mobile App: NETIO Mobile 2 (Andriod & iOS)
PowerCable 2KZ we call “flat PDU”, it can be installed behind TV, projector,
under double ceiling etc.
Use cases for the remote restarting & energy metering
– Remote restarting (over the Web, Cloud, Mobile App)
– Energy savings (scheduler)
– TV screens (autonomous remote restarting)
– 3
rd party AV system controlling power outputs (Crestron, Control4,
RTI, BrightSign)
– Electricity consumption monitoring for TV screens / machines
– Power consumption metering and socket control from NETIO Cloud
2x Digital Input (DI) can be used to read status of the mechanical buttons
(dry contact). On each DI is also S0 pulse counter for reading energy
consumption from an external electricity or water meters (pulse output).


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