Infobit iSound PA20

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iSound PA20

2 x 20 Watt @ 4 0hm as the default amplifier output
Bridge connection function. Users can switch the PA20 to be 1 x 40 Watt @ 8 0hm by bridge connection
Two stereo audio inputs, switchable by panel button, IR remote and RS232
Volume / Bass / Treble controllable by panel buttons IR remote and RS232
MIC port can support balanced/unbalanced signal and suppresses the external noise effectively. Line audio output via 3.5mm jack, with controllable volume
Dual-mono up the stereo audio to two times mono audio. MIC mixer function
The microphone will be mixed to the line audio output, and be controlled separately
MIC input supports 48V phantom power, dynamic MIC, and Wireless MIC
Auto noise gate. Keeps detecting the audio and MIC input, and will mute the output when there is no input
Ultra-low inrush current, no need for power sequencing and this allows multiple PA2B to be powered on simultaneously without overloading power circuits
Convection cooled, a fan is not needed
Anti-static case design: providing good protection for long-term and stable performance